High levels of stress can be caused by anything and I can help you with stress management. It can be work related as in executive stress, pressure to perform, threats of violence, money, family conflict, bereavement, moving house or even, no specific reason but a build up of minor, on going problems.

Therapy for stress management can help counteract the harmful effects of stress in many conditions including: anxiety, mild and moderate depression, anger and hostility, hypertension, pain, premenstrual times, infertility, hot flushes, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. There is now specific treatment for managing irritable bowel syndrome and this information can be found on the IBS page.

I will show you simple mind/body techniques for stress management and you can use them anywhere. I can also show you how to manage stressors to deflect any build up. Clinical hypnosis helps you find new perspectives, enables relaxation, improves learning and inspires you to find new solutions. It can be beneficial for you whether you are healthy, not-so-healthy, strong, weak, overworked or underworked.

The regular use of stress management techniques can help you be more effective in your day to day living. Finding the time to do stress management techniques can be part of the issue and I can help you manage time effectively to create time for stress management in your daily life.

I have helped countless people to manage stress. Some have only needed to attend for a small number of sessions. I can help you to understand what stress is, what it does and how to manage it effectively on a long term basis. Please see the Testimonial page.

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