Sports Performance

Christine was extremely supportive, took time to get to know me so she could fully understand my issues and formulate a plan to help me which we developed week by week. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking help. A safe, calm, welcoming, confidential environment. (Thai boxer)


Andy Womble World Champion Clay Pigeon Shooter


From having excruciating pain every day, I am now clear of my IBS symptoms. Strangely enough, I have also lost my fear of spiders.

I can now get up and eat breakfast. Learning to manage anxiety has helped me get my career back on track.

I think the service, which you provided for me was perfect and to be able to revisit things after my therapy had finished is very good, which I keep doing and help a lot. I have struggled with my nerves for over 2 years and since having awful anxiety ended up getting IBS. I did not know what to do with the pain; I would go to bed with pain in my stomach and wake up with it, taking tablets all the time for me was not an option. So I decided to seek help and try Hypnotherapy with Christine. From my first visit with Christine who made me feel welcome and valued as a person, I can honestly say she is a credit to the health community and Hypnotherapy should really be available on the NHS. Each visit with Christine she would tailor my time with her around how I was feeling on that day and even add bits in to help me. The benefit for me was being able to talk to someone different and know that with my hard work and Christine’s help I could put a lid on my anxiety and IBS.

Interview nerves

I’d previously experienced extreme anxiety during interviews and failed to get jobs. Christine helped me feel relaxed, recognise my strengths and abilities and gave me the confidence and coping strategies to manage interviews. I found myself actually enjoying the next job interview – which is weird, I know. I came out of the interview on such a high knowing I’d performed well. Getting the phone call offering me the job was an added bonus. It worked for me and I would highly recommend Christine if you are considering hypnotherapy.

Fainting and fitting

Our daughter is doing really well. No major episodes in fact, she started to feel a lot more confident. So much so that she asked her tutor in school if she could attend the full school assembly on the last day of school before Christmas. She has not been able to do this for a whole year as it would be a typical environment for her episodes to occur, so the school would not allow her to be in the hall. She is continuing to make progress as I think is evident by the fact that she had a full week of exams last week (quite a stressful time) and had no episodes.

Separation anxiety

I thought the session you had with my son was really good, he came away very positive. He used your breathing techniques and relaxed. He went on his school residential the week after and was absolutely fine. He is currently in France with his best friend and family!! Which at one point we would have never thought would happen!! 

Executive stress, confidence, insecurity and worry

I started a course of sessions with Christine to address several issues which have held me back. A lack of self confidence, being a key one. I also had some long standing regrets about the direction I’d taken. As a result I found it difficult to allow myself to be happy. I set impossible standards for myself in my work, sport and home life and then beat myself up when I didn’t quite attain them. I also found it hard to cope with stressors, often self inflicted ones. Christine gave me tools to deal with the stress and gave me ‘homework’ to do, which involved a lot of self reflection. In our sessions I was able to discuss the things that had become apparent during this self reflection.This in itself was extremely impactive and had me looking at everything differently and in a more positive way. I was also provided with a great selection of resources to do further e-reading and research myself. Aside from all that though, these things could not have been achieved without Christine being the person she is. A great listener with years of experience. It was clear that she had really taken every little detail onboard. These qualities coupled with a wealth of knowledge make Christine someone that I would certainly recommend to anybody suffering from similar issues.Thank you Christine.

I can not express how much you have helped me over the last 2 years. Life altering.  This is how I describe Christine and her treatment, and how it has helped me.  I went through a tough patch about 2 years ago.  Moving house, new job, selling a car….  I was suffering from what I now know as anxiety and stress, I couldn’t face going to work and simply the phone ringing would set me back.  I sought professional help and ended up in Christine’s hands.  Without a doubt it has changed my life forever, not only do I not suffer as I once did with Anxiety, but I now have a ‘toolkit’ to handle difficult and challenging situations at work and in my life.  I am a stronger and more capable person.  Since then I have been back to see Christine to help me in other aspects of my life and have never looked back.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend Christine.

Christine has been most helpful. I feel more in control. The key difference this has made for me is that I have a different mindset and an increased awareness of my priorities. I am much more confident.

After suffering from anxiety issues since my teenage years it finally came to a head last year. Doctors weren’t helpful and I did not want to go down a medicinal route. I must admit when I decided to try hypnotherapy I had a lot of misconceptions and didn’t really understand much about it. After several sessions with Christine I am definitely converted and have already recommended it to a few people. It has helped me out of a very dark place and to change the way I think of things and my view of life so thank you.

Anxiety, habits and self-esteem

I have driven home shivering from head to foot with an inner joy, confidence and a deeper sense of self and a liking of that self. Doors from all directions are opening, the world seems lighter and and better, like it’s an old friend I haven’t seen in years , I grinned all the way home… Thank you for showing me the way forward …xxxxx 


You have been a massive help. I have gained lots more confidence and have learned to look at things from a different perspective so am able to cope a lot better.


I’m really pleased with my progress. I can now organise weekends away and be more positive.

I feel more positive and stronger. I’ve started buying presents for other people and my house is starting to look really nice now I’m back on doing the housework.

I’m more optimistic and can make up my own mind about things. I feel more useful and more relaxed.

Migraine and headaches

Overall I feel much more positive and able to cope, not only with the migraines, but in life generally.  I find I am able to fend off a lot of the migraine symptoms with the breathing and hypnotherapy (recordings and meditation/self hypnotherapy). I believe the treatment has been very successful for me, migraines and life management /attitude. My confidence has increased and my worrying/stressing has lessened significantly. I will continue to use these methods and recommend to others. I am proud of myself and accept the achievement  I have worked for. However, without you and your knowledge and support I am sure I would be in the same tangle I was last year. Many, many thanks Christine.

I have suffered from headaches on a daily basis for many years.  A friend told me about Christine and her work and I knew that this was someone I needed to see. After only two sessions I felt different in myself. I am calmer, more able to think clearly and more positively this had an immediate effect on my headaches and I am pleased to say that I can now go days and sometimes weeks without them. As well as the sessions with Christine she gave me tools to work with when needed.  Because of Christine’s knowledge and what she has been able to do for me I would definitely recommend her to anyone who would like to go down this path which also helps you to help yourself in the long term.


The sessions have been most helpful. I feel more in control of the gambling and have increased awareness. I use the breathing techniques. I feel I’ve got a different mindset with increased awareness of life’s priorities. I’m more confident.


Needles -Today I went for my flu jab. I was going alone and sat in the waiting room started to feel the anxiety creeping in. I took a minute to remember the feeling of deep relaxation before I was called in. I was absolutely fine, driving straight after and everything. I honestly don’t know the last time that happened. Thank you!!

Vomiting – My son has had sandwiches with ham & butter, he’s had pie. Bananas and all his veg is now cooked 🙂 I can’t thank you enough!!  I started my 8 year old son on a course of sessions with Christine to deal with food issues/fear. It’s been a long standing issue, that started at around 1 and half years. (shortly followed by an autism diagnosis). Although I was hopeful my son would be able to actually eat a larger selection of foods, my main priority was that he could and would happily be able to be around any foods. Before he went to see Christine his life was ruled by his issues with food. He couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as some foods (spicy, tomatoey) this was impacting his life massively, to the point he was avoiding social outings if he knew food would be offered. He just couldn’t stand to look at it or smell it. After many trips to the GP, paediatricians and occupational therapist over 6 years, there was and has never been any improvement. His diet was what many autism specialist would call typical. Dry, crunchy, salty and mostly bland. Mainly consisting of raw veg, meat and salty carbs (chips, crackers & crisps) No food could touch another food or be in his mouth at the same time. After the first session with Christine my son sat with me while I had fajitas, he also tasted peppers. This was an amazing break through I could hardly believe. But after the second and last session my son for the first time in his life had a Sunday roast with gravy!! We can not thank you enough Christine. You’re a credit to the profession. You have changed my son’s life 🙂 My son is still listening to his recording daily and adding new foods to his diet rapidly.

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