Anxiety attacks come without warning and without reason. At random moments, worry and fear start to build even though everything could be just perfectly fine. An anxious mind will trick itself into believing that something is wrong. It will convince itself that life is falling apart. Anxiety is not something people choose to have. It is, however, manageable. I can show you how to remain calm and deal with any attacks and how to reduce their frequency. Some people experience physical and emotional symptoms due to anxiety. These can include

  • excessive, ongoing worry and tension
  • an unrealistic view of problems
  • restlessness or a feeling of being edgy
  • irritability
  • muscle tension
  • muscle aches
  • headaches
  • sweating
  • difficulty concentrating
  • nausea
  • the need to go to the bathroom frequently
  • tiredness
  • fidgeting
  • trouble falling or staying asleep
  • trembling
  • being easily startled
  • numbness in hands and feet
  • difficulty swallowing
  • bouts of difficulty breathing
  • trembling
  • twitching
  • hot flashes
  • rashes

Whatever your individual experience of anxiety is, I will tailor your sessions to help you manage your condition.

Some clinical conditions are exacerbated by anxiety e.g.migraine, IBS and by managing this, it helps to manage the clinical conditions. I have successfully treated clients with an adapted programme which is research based. I have also successfully adapted the programme to suit older children. Managing anxiety enables you to achieve whatever it is you want to do whether it is losing weight, being successful in your career or in your exams and in performance related activities. Renewed self esteem, confidence and assurity enables clients to make the best of themselves, overcome difficulties and manage stressful situations. Along with treatment, I enable you to understand and manage your triggers to prevent relapse and this is built into the programme which normally consists of 6 sessions scheduled at times convenient to you.

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Due to COVID-19 all sessions are now conducted through Zoom. This is a secure, high quality telehealth platform and will be used for the foreseeable future. We can arrange an informal practice session for you to become familiar with how it works. You will need a computer, laptop or smartphone and a secure place to talk.

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